Works For Me

I began teaching Pilates when I was in my 40s, having found my way back to the form after first encountering it as a dancer over 20 years before. I was searching for something that would allow me to integrate my interests and experiences with moving bodies. And I felt that I now had something special to offer – first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to live in an aging body combined with many years of experience as both a teacher and a mover.

Like most of us over 50s, I have pain of various sorts, due to dance injuries, a leg length difference and hypermobile joints combined with over 50 years of wear and tear on my body. And I also know how important it is to move and keep moving, because the alternative is unthinkable and NO FUN!

As we age, our movement/exercise goals can get a little more specific. We’re looking for help dealing with the pain of injury and guidance for rehabilitation, for how to live and move with chronic health conditions, and for a way to maintain or improve our ease and function in our everyday lives – in other words, doing our best to age well. Pilates is an infinitely adaptable form for all these things, and, unlike the gym, it never gets boring.

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