About Jaci

Jaci Metivier opened StudioM in March of 2017 with a full range of equipment and props to provide a more individualized experience for her clients. Her practice has gradually specialized over the eleven years she has been teaching Pilates, to working privately with clients 50 years or better who may have chronic injuries or health concerns. She draws on her years of movement experience (personal and professional) to design specific programs and exercises to help people to work on their goals, whether it be ease of movement, rehabilitation, adaptation, strengthening, mobility, or increase in range of motion. Her compassionate and collaborative approach empowers clients to make discoveries, changes, and to consolidate gains.

PJ Reformer Leg
Pilates tower work

Jaci’s understanding of the Pilates method runs deep and she is able to draw on her wide experience in body-based work to find the best approach for each of her clients. She spent many years exploring how the body moves and learns through studying and working with dance, voice, singing, and bodywork. She’s been doing Pilates since the 1980’s when she worked with Dianne Miller in Vancouver. Pilates was crucial in helping her become a more balanced and integrated dancer and in preventing injury. As a dance artist, she taught movement and body awareness to everyone from professional dancers to senior citizens in community classes, universities and studios. Jaci is now a Stott certified trainer, and just as passionate about helping people learn more about their bodies as they gain strength and flexibility. Jaci’s lived with her husband and two daughters in the Shuswap since 1998.

Jaci Metivier